Live Show Service

We are Option One Srl, a Entertainment Services Company founded in Rome in 2004. We boast a team of professionals with extensive experience and skills in the design and management of any type of event. Our experience assists and oversees every phase of the event in perfect harmony between creativity and logistical organization in an all-inclusive formula.

At OPTION ONE, thanks to our extensive experience and reputation in the event services and entertainment sector, and thanks to our consolidated staff, we have the capabilities and strategic vision to design an event from Start Up to final realization, providing the client with total assistance for general organization.

Our numerous collaborations with industry professionals, Engineers, Architects, Audio/Video and Lighting Services, allow us to provide any type of service or consultation necessary, from identifying the Location to the relevant permits, up to the realization of small and large structures. Moreover, we are able to provide the client with various equipment for any type of setup, Layher, Audio, Lighting, and Video systems, area setups, dressing rooms, and anything else necessary upon the client’s request.

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and provide them with consistently exceptional services.

Our vision is to provide quality performance that exceeds our clients' expectations.

Production, Design, and Logistics

Production is the soul of every event. Having built over time a team of serious and specialized professionals in the field allows us to guarantee our clients total assistance in the construction of every type of event, carefully managing all the phases involved, from identifying the location to bureaucratic management, from designing the structures to operational logistics.

Flow Management and Security Services

The flagship of our group is our Control Services. We provide qualified personnel throughout the national territory. Security Managers, Control Service Staff (ASC), High-Risk Fire Safety Staff, Stewarding for Sporting Events, dedicated Close Protection, and First Aid Staff are the roles we guarantee to our clients for every type of event.

Hostesses and Stewards

Reception and assistance are fundamental to the success of every event. Our staff, selected for their presence and expertise, are always available to the public to provide any information and manage every need so that the audience always has a point of reference throughout the duration of the event.

Specialized Staff

We have a specialized staff with all the training required by current regulations (Legislative Decree 81/08), constantly updated. These include our Loaders / Forklift Drivers / Climbers / Assemblers / Riggers / Runners. Professionals serving the entertainment industry capable of realizing any type of event.







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Option One Team – Prefectural Authorization
(Protocol No. 143093 / AREA I TER O.S.P. of July 11, 2013).

Axe Register – Certification No. IT21-00807A Complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope: Direct management or through subcontractors (network) of support services for events of any nature (entertainment and leisure activities, shows), including: customer and audience reception and assistance, ticketing services, porter services; stage and outdoor area setup, unarmed security management, load bearing, fire services.

All personnel employed by Option One and Option One Team are regularly hired and trained in accordance with current regulations regarding workplace safety.


Maurizio Salustri
Luca Musilli
Silvia Comand
Giacomo Curreli
Gianmarco Renzi